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Graham Tregidon
Our First Rugby International... cont'd
Extracted from The Penvro, July 1953 (Click Here)
For the Yorkshire game, Tregidon was selected to play at full-back, and it says much for his versatility that he settled down to his new position immediately, and played so well that G. W. Abbott in the February issue of the periodical. “Rugger” described him as the “outstanding player in the match.”

Tregidon again appeared as full-back in the Wales v Rest, Final Trial in February, and after three different outside halves had been tried in the game, he was brought back to his original position of outside half to play against the Welsh Youth at Pontypool. This proved to be a wise change which transformed the team, with the result that all three subsequent matches were won comfortably. Against France, Tregidon played his best game ever, but against England his play received a mixed reception from the critics, and although none gave serious adverse comment, some thought that he overdid the tactical kicking. The truth is that Tregidon played very intelligently indeed, and varied his play as any good outside half should do.
The two Welsh centres that day, with plenty of opportunities, neglected two good wings, and Tregidon rightly tried to give the wings the opportunities they deserved.

There have been, however, other rugby Internationals with school connections, but without exception they learnt their rugger elsewhere. F. C. R. Huzzey played on the wing for the Welsh schoolboys (under 15 against England in 1931, while still playing for his previous school — East End, Pembroke. In 1933, the late Eric L. Williams, while playing for the Coronation School, played in the forwards against the English Schoolboys. Williams, unfortunately, was killed in an air crash in 1940. W. J. A. Davies, who was England’s captain during the ‘golden era’ of English rugby between the years 1919 and 1923, is an old boy of the school, although he learnt all his rugby in England. Davies was capped 22 times between 1913 and 1923, and is still considered to be the greatest outside half England has produced. He has also had the great distinction of captaining England eleven times without once being on the losing side. The other senior International is Ernie Finch, now teaching at the local Secondary Modern School; and who played seven times for Wales while playing for Llanelly R.F.C.

Idris. G. Cleaver.
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